Hire A Professional Company For The Best Results In Commercial Cleaning

Reasons to Outsource Your Office Cleaning Services

In many aspects our economy has continued to improve since the 2008 financial crisis. That being said, we have still seen peaks and valleys and the only certainty seems to be uncertainty. As such, many Facility Managers are still pushed to find lower cost office cleaning services as a result of tight budgets and the near continual drive for cost saving measures. One good cost saving option is outsourcing your commercial cleaning services. Not only will outsourcing help reduce costs, it can also significantly improve the quality of cleaning as well as reduce the overall workload in your facility.

Making the choice to outsource commercial cleaning can be a significant one. Outsourcing isn’t a one and done solution for fixing all the problems that can plague your office cleaning, and outsourcing your janitorial services does not guarantee competency, professionalism or responsiveness. However, choosing the right commercial cleaning company can be a great way to protect your facilities reputation, reduce operation costs, and improve energy and waste efficiency by taking advantage of individual or integrated cleaning solutions. How can outsourcing your office cleaning benefit you and your facility?

1- The Price is Right for Outsourcing Office Cleaning

Making the choice to outsource your cleaning services will change your bottom line in a number of significant ways. First, there are immediate benefits as a professional janitorial service provider can cut down cleaning time while increasing what actually gets done. Similarly, you commercial cleaning company will have more optimal pricing on equipment, supplies, and other goods. Finally, the costs of recruiting, screening, hiring, training, and administration are all cut. The time and cost of all these administrative actions as well as paying for healthcare and employee verification are all tasked to your commercial cleaning company.

2 – Outsourcing Your Building’s Cleaning Will Improve The Cleanliness Of Your Facility

The right commercial office cleaning company focuses on a specific task, the cleaning and maintenance of your facility. As such, many of these companies can offer cleaning at a level that isn’t possible if that isn’t the core of your business. Taking care of cleaning in your facility yourself isn’t a good way to keep your facility clean. It is essentially running a completely different business within the business you are already running. Too much divided attention, too many divided resources. Further, is it your life’s ambition to run a commercial cleaning company? If the answer is no, then outsourcing your labor to a competitive, professional commercial cleaner is the best way to keep your facility clean and your energy focused on the core elements of YOUR business. Likewise, larger more experienced companies can offer more cleaning solutions as well as accommodate most needs without thinking twice.

3 – Value is Key, and Outsourcing Cleaning Adds Value

A professional cleaning company is responsible for the acquisition and maintenance of all their supplies and equipment. They have the purchasing power and scale to get value for each purchase and upgrade allowing them to use better products, better equipment, all that deliver quality, efficiency and value to you the customer.

4 – Outsourcing Building Maintenance Can Make Life Easier

As with so many facilities, your needs likely shift throughout the year and you may experience peak and down times. A janitorial company that is a good fit for your facility will have a large employee base that can be ramped up or ramped down as your needs change. Most competent janitorial service providers in Michigan also have trained floaters that keep coverage uniform even if employees take time off or are sick.

Don’t Use Employees to Clean That Weren’t Hired For Cleaning

If you shift cleaning responsibility to employees that were hired for something else to manage your cleaning, you’ll find that often work goes unfinished, is poorly done, or that employee turnover rates increase. Having your employees manage cleaning will almost always result in unhappy employees and an unclean facility. The person hired for admin work has no interest in cleaning bathrooms. Not only will the work most certainly suffer, morale will take a direct hit.

Outsourcing Cleaning Services Moves Liability And Insurance Costs From You To Your Commercial Cleaning Company

As in any industry, with cleaning and janitorial, there are specific liabilities associated with janitorial jobs. As such, you need to insure you are protected against exposure and litigation. Outsourcing your commercial office cleaning shifts this responsibility to your janitorial service provider. Just be certain to confirm adequate coverage. Any professional office cleaning company can easily, quickly provide this to you.

Management Intensive Duties Are Wasting Your Time

Choosing to outsource your janitorial cleaning service will reduce work for you. When you switch the responsibility of staffing, training, maintaining standards, finding supplies, and equipment repair among many other time consuming tasks becomes your contractor’s allowing you to put your time, focus and attention were it is needed most.

Outsourcing Office Cleaning Adds Up to More Professional Services

Choosing to outsource your office cleaning services to a professional means that you can have more cleaning done better and in less time. Effective commercial cleaners take advantage of advanced industry methods to make sure you get the highest quality cleaning in the least amount of time. Whether it be industry specific such as industrial cleaning, medical office cleaning, school cleaning, or green cleaning solutions, your commercial office cleaning service can help you keep your facility in tip-top condition.

Your Facility Needs You To Manage, Not To Be Bogged Down With Cleaning & Maintenance Scheduling

Most of the Facility Managers we know have pretty full dance cards. With all of the things that need to be managed in your facility, how great is it to be able to offload the office cleaning to a trusted contractor? When you contract with a professional, effective, commercial cleaning company, you are allowing yourself to put focus where it is needed most.  Of course, to take advantage of outsourcing, you need to choose an office cleaning service that is right for you and your facility. Not every company can be a fit for every facility, but when you find the right janitorial cleaning company and outsource this labor intensive part of building maintenance, you’ll find that facility maintenance becomes much easier to manage so that you can get back to doing what you do best.

The Benefits of Outsourcing Your Commercial Cleaning

As a business owner, you know the importance of maintaining a clean, healthy work environment. But with so much already on your to-do list, keeping up with all that scrubbing, washing, dusting, mopping, and vacuuming can be a challenge. If you’re thinking about handing the cleaning duties over to someone else, here are some reasons why outsourcing your commercial cleaning services is a win-win solution for you and your employees!

Reduce costs

Outsourcing your commercial cleaning can have a really big impact on your bottom line. Think about it…no more paying your employees to take on the cleaning tasks, and no more shelling out for costly cleaning equipment like vacuum cleaners, cleaning products, and supplies. When you use commercial janitorial services, everything is provided by the company. Plus, these services can be customized to fit your budget.


When it comes to health, hygiene, and attention to detail, commercial cleaning companies have the highest standards in the industry. Professional custodians are highly trained in their field, using state-of-the-art cleaning equipment and products that thoroughly clean and disinfect your workplace.

Access to a wide range of services

If you don’t like the hassles of dealing with different contractors, many commercial cleaning companies offer a wide variety of services for your convenience. From floors and windows to carpets, restrooms and more, professional custodians use proven methods and techniques to meet all your cleaning needs.

Reasons Outsourcing Cleaning Services Might Be the Solution Your Are Looking For

Transfer of Management Intensive Duties to Service Contractor

Every issue regarding the management of your cleaning operations becomes your contractor’s responsibility. This can include staffing issues, cleaning standards, the procurement of supplies, equipment and products and other resource draining operations. With someone else handling these responsibilities  you can lighten your load and you and your staff can focus on other duties.

Transfer of Liability & Insurance Costs to Cleaning Service Contractor

Due to the nature of the work, there are specific liabilities associated with a cleaning staff. Insuring you are properly covered costs money and time as you must adjust coverage as the scope of the services and people change. Outsourcing cleaning services to a professional company can save you time and money as they will insure their own employees and can even add you or the facility owner to their contractor’s policy shielding you from third party litigation.