How To Deter Scorpions Naturally


While some scorpions are merely a nuisance, others, like the Arizona Bark Scorpion can deliver a truly nasty and dangerous sting. You can cut your risk of encountering any scorpions by taking some wise preventative measures to protect your home and family. From clearing away scorpion friendly debris to using a blacklight to spot these pests at night, these tips will help you create a scorpion free environment for your family.


Scorpions like the dark, so the debris and decorative items you have in your yard could be attracting the pests to your home. Eliminate any easy scorpion abodes, including piles of leaves, rocks or wood, old flowerpots and furniture and even decorative pieces that offer too many shady crevices to hide in to cut your risk of encountering a scorpion.


Check your home for loose shutters, windows or siding that could offer a place for scorpions to enter. If your doors and windows allow a draft or breeze to enter your home, then they are big enough to admit a scorpion as well, so seal any drafty spots right away. Trim trees to eliminate the risk of scorpions entering your home from the roof or second floor


Scorpions are nocturnal creatures that are active after dark; if you will be outdoors after nightfall, a black light flashlight can help you spot a scorpion before you step on it. Check paths and walkways before stepping down to be sure you stay sting free.


Hire an exterminator to treat your home for related pests; ants, roaches and grasshoppers are all prey animals for scorpions. If you have a lot of these insects in your home or yard, chances are you’ll have a lot of scorpions preying on them as well.


It’s important to keep family members and pets safe from scorpions in Georgia. If you think you have a scorpion problem in and around your home, contact Healthy Home Termite and Pest Control for affordable scorpion extermination services. Read below for more information on identifying scorpions in your home and finding the right solution for extermination.

How to Identify a Scorpion

Scorpions are predatory arachnids that are known for their unique appearance. With their large, curved tail and accompanying stinger, they are easily recognizable.

It is also worth mentioning that if other small insects like fleas have increased in number in your home, the likelihood of scorpions will increase. Scorpions feed on smaller insects, so an abundance of smaller insects is bound to attract scorpions. Reducing the number of other insects in your home is key to making it less desirable to scorpions. Ask your Healthy Home Termite and Pest Control expert about best practices and tips to make your home less desirable to scorpions.

Scorpion Removal

Scorpions can be extremely difficult to get rid of since their hiding places in homes can be hard to reach. Our trained technicians are well-versed in how to identify a scorpion problem and will provide you with a thorough and affordable examination of your home.

Should there be an issue, you will be given several options on how to remove scorpions, including natural and ecologically-friendly methods. Healthy Home Termite and Pest Control will work with you to choose a plan that best fits your lifestyle and budget.

Scorpion control

In some ways scorpions are similar to spiders. They have a reputation for being deadly and for attacking humans, but that’s not the case. Most scorpions prefer to hide, and are generally quite shy. They tend to sting when threatened, but they don’t go human-hunting and their stings are very rarely deadly to people.

That’s not to say that scorpion stings are not painful. They are and people with sensitive immune systems, known allergies to other stinging pests, or heart problems can have serious health risks with scorpion stings. That’s why effective scorpion pest control and scorpion removal should be handled by trained professionals.

People are generally terrified of scorpions. Thanks to their rather intimidating appearance and the fact movies and TV shows make them out to be fearsome pests, scorpions have a very fierce reputation. People are very afraid of scorpion stings, perhaps even more than bee stings or wasp stings. However, a lot of what people fear regarding scorpions is irrational. Scorpions are not actively seeking to sting people and the vast majority of them do not pose a threat to humans. However, Arizona and North America just happen to home to one of the more venomous scorpions around – the Arizona bark scorpion.

Why do scorpions sting?

Scorpions do not want to sting people. They are looking to sting prey, but even then, they may not deliver venom via their stinger. Scorpions only have a finite amount of venom within their system and they choose to prefer to use it for specific purposes. If their prey is small enough, they can use their claws to grab it and tear it apart to eat it. However, to paralyze larger prey, they will lunge their tail forward and sting their prey to immobilize it and then eat it.

Preventing scorpion stings

The best bet to deal with scorpion stings is not to get stung at all. Scorpions want to avoid people as much as possible, but sometimes they end up inside homes and crawling along walls outside homes, too. Making sure the house is sealed up and there is no way for scorpions to crawl inside is the best way to avoid being stung in your home. Checking clothing and shoes before putting them on in scorpion heavy areas is important, too.

Guaranteed Pest Control

Looking for pest control Phoenix? Then you are probably familiar with unwanted desert pests like black widow spiders and scorpions. Unfortunately, due to our high temperatures and despite our dry climate, many people deal with bugs and other insects year around. Getting rid of scorpions and other insects inside and around your home doesn’t have to be complicated. If you are getting your home serviced regularly by a quality exterminator you can expect to see a dramatic decrease in scorpions and other insects inside and around your home.

Pest Control Done Right

There are other pests here in the Phoenix valley that are not only annoying, but carry disease as well as really tear up your home or business. Mosquitoes and termites are the pests that actually cause the most harm to your health and home. Stop the pests before they start with a pest maintenance control plan. 

You may think pest control is just setting out some mouse traps or spraying the home and be done with it. However, pests are smart and they multiply rapidly. If you have seen one scorpion, you probably have a a lot more around your home. Our technicians are trained in the behaviors of these pests. We studied how they live, what they like and don’t like and most importantly how to properly exterminate them. As a result, our techs are trained professionals that take time to solve the root of you pest problem.

Not all pest control companies are the same. As a result, their service, pricing and value vary greatly. Here are a few recommendations when deciding who to go with.

Don’t shop solely based on price. Everyone wants a good deal. But what if you still have scorpions in the house? Or your dog gets sick because the technician does not use a Eco-Friendly product? Then it probably wasn’t worth going cheapest pest control company.

Choose a company that stands by their work. If you are not satisfied with a service you should be able to get the issue resolved without paying twice. Make sure satisfaction is guaranteed!

Education over making a sale. If they are more interested in making a sale than educating you about your pest problem they might not have your best interests in mind.

Pest Control Services (The Takeaway) 

In short, finding the right exterminator for your pest control shouldn’t be difficult. However, you want to make sure to do your research. Be sure to ask questions and look at their online reputation. Any legit company will be online.  There will be reviews about their business in different areas. Those will help you determine if the pest control company your interested in does what they say they will do. Above all, you want a company that has great reviews and a great reputation.


Life in Arizona has many positives; however, dealing with scorpions on a regular basis is definitely not one of them. There are many creepy crawly insects in Arizona; yet, out of them all, scorpions rank among the least favorite.


Scorpions are a prominent species. They thrive in dry desert climates. The bark scorpion in particular, also one of the most dangerous species of scorpions, is the kind we see most often in Arizona. It is the most venomous scorpion in North America, and unfortunately enough, we have them right here in our backyards.

Arizona Bark Scorpions are incredibly resilient, making them more difficult to control. They are nocturnal, and come out at night to hunt for crickets, beetles, roaches and other small insects. This means the more pests you have in and around your home, the better food source you are providing to the lurking scorpions.

While they do thrive in the desert, they do not however, enjoy the strong desert heat. During the day, you will find them under rocks, piles of debris or wood, and other objects you have around your home. They keep themselves well protected from the hot Arizona sun. Their protective measures include squeezing into tiny cracks and crevices that might be accessible to your home.


The largest threat that scorpions pose is their painful sting. The Arizona Bark Scorpion being the most venomous in North America, can cause more than just pain. A scorpion sting can cause inflammation at the sting point, redness, numbness, shortness of breath, even immobility of the stung area.